Payment Options

PC Electric offers payment by credit card, debit card, or electronic check online or by telephone at 1-877-831-6383. You can pay 24 hours a day. A convenience fee applies. Please see fee structure below.

PC Electric has partnered with an online credit/debit card payment service provider, who will process your payment on our behalf. A convenience fee of $3.50 for any payment up to $250.00 will apply. If you pay more than $250.00, an additional $3.50 will be charged. (You will have the option of canceling your transaction after seeing or hearing the exact convenience fee amount.)

Payments will only be accepted up to $250.00 per transaction. Therefore, if your payment is larger than $250.00, you will need to make more than one transaction and you will be charged a $3.50 fee for each transaction.

The fee for payment via electronic check is $3.50. The fee is collected and retained by our online credit/ debit payment service provider.

PC Electric does not receive any proceeds from the convenience fee.

You may use this service to make a partial payment on your bill, but you will be charged a separate fee each time.

NOTE: Paymentus is the only authorized company used to accept payments online or over the phone. Using Paymentus will ensure that your payment is received in our office immediately.

There are 3rd party companies that have taken payments online (ie: If paying your bill through a third party company, please know that we do not receive payment immediately, therefore your service is subject to being disconnected. All payments MUST be made before the disconnect date in order to keep your service on. Any payments made through the third party and not received in our office on the disconnect day are subject to being disconnected.

Payments Online

The following is step-by step instructions for making payments online. Note that you have the option to cancel the payment after you enter your credit card information.

To go to the payment site click here.

1. Enter the contact information and the designated fields. Required fields are marked with a red triangle.

2. Enter your e-mail address information so you can receive a confirmation of payment.

3. Enter your credit card information.

4. Enter the amount you wish to pay.

5. Click on "Continue" to see the amount that will be charged to your credit card, including the convenience fee.

6. The page that appears will show your energy payment, the convenience fee, and the total amount that will be charged to your credit/debit card. This page also gives you the option of accepting or canceling the transaction. This is your last chance to cancel.

7. If you click "Make Payment" you will receive a payment confirmation page listing your billing information and a confirmation number. Please note the confirmation number in case you have any questions later.


Our online credit/debit card payment service uses 128-bit encryption, one of the industry’s most secure transaction environments. PC Electric does not retain credit card numbers or credit card account information.

Pay by Mail

Mail payments to: PC Electric; P. O. Box 160; New Roads, LA 70760.

Payment Drop Box

Available 24 hours a day through the front door at Headquarters Office Building (2506 False River Drive; New Roads, LA). NO CASH PLEASE!

Pay by Phone

Dial 1-877-831-6383. Then follow the prompts.

You can also make credit card, debit card, or electronic payments..

How to Read Your Bill

For an illustration of how to read your bill, click here.

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