Old River Reconnect Procedures From PC Electric and Pointe Coupee Parish

PC Electric Checklist for Reconnection of Campsites Located Behind the Levee System

Any meter base and/or breaker box that has been submerged will be disconnected at the service entrance (where PC Electric power comes into your campsite). PC Electric is obligated to disconnect power at the service entrance of your campsite until all necessary repairs are made, and a Pointe Coupee Parish permit has been received.

After an initial assessment of campsites by PC Electric, and an inspection by Pointe Coupee Parish, a permit will be issued and PC Electric crews will reconnect your campsite.

In order to restore power to individual member campsites, please follow these specific instructions:

  • Members should notify PC Electric when they are ready to have power restored to their campsite (permit must be received);
  • Please have the member’s name, address or lot number permanently affixed to the meter base or breaker box so it is easily identifiable by our crews;
  • Service entrance weather head should be at a minimum of 13 feet;
  • No exposed wires;
  • Schedule 80 electrical conduit must be used in any repairs;
  • All outdoor/rain type equipment must be used;
  • All campsites must meet NESC/NEC code requirements; and
  • Meter bases/breaker boxes may be installed higher than 5 feet, 6 inches (PC Electric must approve placement)

We ask that you please do not pile debris under the power lines as this may create a hazard for our crews, and cause further service interruption and restoration delays.


Pointe Coupee Parish Electrical Inspection Checklist for Campsites Located Behind the Levee System


Before PC Electric can reconnect service to campsites, an additional inspection by a parish certified building official must be completed.

There is NO FEE associated with this inspection. To streamline this process, please follow the following guidelines:

  • All campsites must have a permanent address or lot number visible from the roadside;
  • Any meter panel and breaker panel submerged must be cleaned and/or replaced and be free of corrosion;
  • All breakers, switches, and receptacles that have been submerged, must be replaced;
  • All outdoor receptacles must be ground-fault protected;
  • All outdoor receptacles and switches not under a roof or cover must have an in-use cover or bubble cover; and
  • All exposed wires must be protected in a rigid or PVC conduit.

Once the inspection is completed, and all requirements met, a permit will be issued by the parish for PC Electric to reconnect your electric service.

We are committed to returning residents to their camps as soon as possible, but safety is our utmost concern.

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