PC Electric Presents 2018 Math & Science Awards

PC Electric is proud to be a partner in education. Your electric cooperative sponsors a variety of educational programs throughout the local schools in its tri-parish service area. One of these programs is the Math & Science Awards Program. PC Electric just recently presented numerous Math and Science Awards to students in many of its adopted schools throughout its tri-parish service area. The awards were available to elementary, jr. high and high school students in schools throughout Iberville, Pointe Coupee and West Baton Rouge parishes.

The Math and Science Awards were given to the students who had the highest combined Math and Science grade in each of the three different school levels: graduation from elementary school (4th grade, 5th grade or 6th grade depending on the school and parish); graduation from middle school or junior high (8th grade); and graduation from high school (12th grade).

The elementary students that received the awards were presented with a certificate and a $25 gift card. The junior high students receiving the awards were presented with a certificate and a $50 gift card. The high schools students receiving the awards were presented with a certificate and a $75 gift card.

The management, board members and staff of PC Electric wish to extend congratulations to all of the following award winners for the 2017-2018 school year:

Iberville Parish

  • Crescent Elementary School (6th grade) -Kesley Renee Hebert- Parents: David and Clara Hebert of Plaquemine.
  • North Iberville Elementary (6th grade) Sherman Anderson, III - Parents: Sherman and Jackie Anderson of Maringouin.
  • Plaquemine High School (8th grade) - Candice Joseph - Parents: Sherman and Cora Joseph of Plaquemine
  • Plaquemine High School (12th grade) - Genesis Guillory - Parents: Marlin and Barbara Guillory of Plaquemine.
  • St. John Elementary School (5th grade) - Eric Xido - Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Hui Dong of Plaquemine.
  • St. John Middle School (8th grade) - Josh Daigle - Parent: Jessica Daigle of Port Allen.
  • St. John High School (12th grade) - Sarah Caballero - Parents: Ryan Caballero and Jeanne’ Medine of Plaquemine.

Pointe Coupee Parish

  • Catholic Elementary of Pointe Coupee (6th grade) - Anna Eaves - Parents: John and Christy Eaves of Ventress.
  • Catholic High of Pointe Coupee (8th grade) - Andrew Jewell - Parents: Stephen and Mary Jewell of New Roads.
  • Catholic High of Pointe Coupee (12th grade) - Riley Bordelon - Parents: Pete and Bridget Bordelon of Oscar.
  • False River Academy (6th grade) - Kinsley Seneca - Parents: Clint Seneca and Crissi Canezaro of Maringouin.
  • False River Academy (8th grade) - Madisen Fabre - Parents: James and Kadie Fabre of Ventress.
  • False River Academy (12th grade) - Sydney Beauvais - Parents: Russell and Aimee Beauvais of Morganza.
  • Livonia High School (8th grade) - Samuel Perritt - Parent: Genevieve Bergeron of Jarreau.
  • Livonia High School (12th grade) - Angela Richard - Parents: Michael and Dawn Richard of Jarreau.
  • Rosenwald Elementary (5th grade) - Keriyanna Leonard - Parents: George and Karen Leonard of New Roads.
  • Rougon Elementary (8th grade) - Shauna Smith - Parents: Charles Smith and Anitra Lathers of Glynn.
  • Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary (6th grade) - Jeremiah Robinson - Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Xavier Thornton, Sr. of Batchelor.
  • Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary (8th grade) - Tarique Christal - Parents: Michael and Maria Christal of Lettsworth.
  • Valverda Elementary (6th grade) -Johnathan Saizon - Parents: Johnathon and Amber Saizon of Oscar.

West Baton Rouge Parish

  • Chamberlin Elementary (4th grade) - Kaylee Riddle - Parents: Brian and Tiffany Riddle of Port Allen.
  • Devall Middle (8th grade) - Lucas Rioux - Parent: Jessica Rioux of Port Allen.
  • Holy Family (5th grade) - Kason Smart - Parents: Troy and Melissa Smart of Port Allen.
  • Holy Family (8th grade) - Caroline Cagle - Parents: Jeffrey and Annie Cagle of Port Allen.
  • Port Allen High School (12th grade) - Makayla Lacy - Parent: Lakisha Lacy of Port Allen.

PC Electric is proud to be a partner in education. The cooperative serves parts of Iberville, Pointe Coupee, and West Baton Rouge parishes for 80 years.

PC Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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