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Pointe Coupee Electric Membership Corporation Maintains Medical Alert List

Every year at this time people in south Louisiana brace themselves for another potentially destructive hurricane season. Hurricane season begins on June 1 and continues through November 30.

PCEMC maintains a medical alert list for member households with individuals who depend on electricity –powered medical equipment.

If you or someone in your home depends on such equipment, call Pointe Coupee Electric Membership Corporation at (225) 638-3751 and they will send you a form to be completed by you and a doctor. The form will ask for the name of a contact person, the type of medical equipment in the home (such as a feeding machine, heart monitor, oxygen machine or nebulizer), the name of the agency that maintains the medical equipment and a doctor’s signature.

Air conditioners are not considered medical equipment even though they provide respiratory relief to many.

PCEMC reminds you that an approaching storm may result in prolonged power outages. If you or a family member is dependent on electricity-powered medical equipment, please take steps to seek alternative shelter or a source of backup power before the storm makes landfall.

PCEMC is committed to supplying its members with dependable and safe service in all kinds of weather. A hurricane is not a pleasant experience. Yet, staying safe and calm can make it an easier one.

Pointe Coupee Electric Membership Corporation is an electric cooperative serving areas of Pointe Coupee, West Baton Rouge and Iberville parishes. PCEMC currently has storm preparedness brochures, hurricane tracking charts and how to operate a portable generator guidelines available at their office at 2506 False River Drive in New Roads. Please stop by Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m and 4:30 p.m. to pick up these helpful brochures.

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