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Board of Directors


 District 1 - Al Ewing

Innis, Lettsworth, Legonier
Smithland, Torras, Batchelor
Jacoby, Old River(Camps North)



District 2 - Jimmy Ewing, Jr.

Batchelor, Old River (Camps South)
Morganza, Coon, McCrea, Ravenswood

District 3 - George LaCour, Jr.

Labarre, Northwest New Roads
Fordoche, Livonia



District 4 - Ralph B. Chustz, Sr.

Northeast New Roads, Waterloo, Patin
Dyke, Ventress, Hermitage



District 5 - Peter Rumfola, Jr.
            (Vice President)

Rougon, Erwinville, Bueche, Lakeland
Arbroth, Yattan, Walls



District 6 - Alton B. Smith, Jr.

Livonia, Maringouin, Rosedale, Ramah
Grosse Tete, Bayou Blue, Indian Bayou


District 7 - Chris Settoon

Bayou Pigeon and Bayou Sorrel